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bettadud's gameplay for Halo Wars (X360)

bettadud played Halo Wars

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bettadud said...
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Don't you just love it when you get under someone's skin so much they feel like they need to trash talk you afterwards?

It's about 7:30 and David wants to own on some fools at Halo Wars. I agree, figuring we'll lose eventually so I'm all like "I'm not eating dinner 'till we lose!" you know since I'm such a beast and all. Sooner or later it ends up being 11:00 and we decide to just screw around as dual Arbiters - not the smartest idea. We end up against the Chieftain (Purple) and Forge (Green).

So we start the match thinking "Grizzlies and Jackals....so Hunters and Jackals to counter". Green sends an army of Grizzlies over and as we're killing them runs away like a little girl.

About now we are really vulnerable to air so I scout purple and whattya know: purple has Banshees and we don't have any anti-air. We started pumping out Vampires but didn't get them in time they attacked us again. We eventually won that battle.

Next purple sent a Scarab and 30 Engineers while - surprise surprise - green still sent Grizzlies. We owned them.

After that they decided to get smart and go Jackals and Grizzlies. Our Hunter/Jackal combo was getting destroyed by their Jackals. Eventually, they overwhelmed my base and purple had a rally point with Jackals at my base. After we killed the Grizzlies I got tired of Jackal after Jackal constantly arriving at my base and sent the Arbiter to set 'em straight.

The Arbiter rode that Jackal train ALL the way to purple's base and I destroyed both of his Halls and his Summit. Now he couldn't build anymore units.

Sent my army back to David's base to take care of that sissy green and he backs runs away like a pansy.

Then purple self destructs his bases for no reason I guess? We charge green's base and he attacks David with Vultures. We answer with our Vampires. Then he resigns once he loses them. Now comes the trash talking.

Purple: nice mod

Me to Purple: There are mods for this game?

Green: Nerd


Purple: vampire upgrade. I saw it mr. sneaky

Green: Is that a yes you modder

Me to Green: I'm sorry that you're bad and couldn't change strategy all game long

Purple: haha jk good game

Me to Purple: GG

Green: im sorry your dick is half the size of my pinky =) meet block communications

Me to Green: You started it

You know you got 'em when they resort to dick jokes. At least purple was cool and actually changed his game up a bit.
Halo Wars

Halo Wars (X360)

Genre/Style: Strategy/3D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 03/MAR/09
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